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South America part 2

Argentina..Buenos Aires, Rosario, y Iguazu. Y Uruguay


Ahh Argentina, I have been antipiating going here for awhile for the things that people say that its is similar to Europe, they drink yerba mate, and the steak:)not really. I arrived April 29th and spent a week in Buenos Aires with a 2 day journey to Uruguay by ferry. Note to Americans, Australians, and Canadians if you are going to travel to Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil you will have to pay recipricocity fees which are basically we make it hard for them to come to the states thus they give us a hard time as well, as well some require a visa a head of time, ie Brazil and Paraguay...and you are looking at about $131 for fees. Buenos Aires is very much like Europe, the buildings the look of the people. There is a lots of artists here and if you go you need to go to the San Telmo market on Sunday the whole street is convered with artesanos and street performers and that is the chance to catch a glimpse of a free tango. I stayed for all my hostel stays in Che Legartos which has cost me $5 a night with breakfast inc. pretty sweet deal! I stayed in the barrio San Telmo and felt a did a very thorough job of visiting many barrios in BA: Palermo, Recolta(the cemetary is crazy and is where you can find Evita´s tomb, which I didn´t know till after thus I missed it), La Boca ( the famous barrio with the colorful buildings, careful here said to be gangerous apart from the touristy section), and Puerto Madero. Of course I jumped on the drinking yerba mate band wagon. If you don´t know much about the tea look it up its really good for you gives you energy, vitamin essentials, and represses appetite(perfect for a poor traveller!) My dad got me hooked on it so if you don´t like bitter tea people drink it with sugar and milk as well. The yerba mate is much more popular among uruguayians...almost everybosy is carryig their gourd with the thermous to add more water. Although I didn´t talk tango lessons which was my originally plan I watched and it doesn´t seem that hard to pick up on...its a walking dance. The Argentinian spanish is different but I am starting to pick it up and like it. Basically for the ll and y the pronounce it as sh...like shaves fof keys, and they also use the vos form instead of tu or usted which I am getting hounded for using instead I guess it´s to formal. They also are Spanish speakers with an Italian accent which for me is the best of both worlds. Uruguay I only saw Montevideo, it takes an hour or two to get to Colonia from BA and from there a 3 hour bus ride. Montevideo was pretty as well, very quiet and low key. They had a lot of parks which I enjoyed wandering around in.
I went off to Rosario where I stayed with two couchsurfers, Lis and Lucy. Contrary to what it sounds they were two 20 year old males. Very friendly, smart, and fun. I arrived with the intentions of only staying one night but they were like Elena come on it Saturday tomorrow you have to come party. Thus I stayed one other night. Rosario was where Che Guevara was born a lived for a whole two years, haha. That was actually why I wanted to go not knowing he didnt spend much of his days there. Rosario I liked because it is a smaller city the BA and has beautiful beaches and parks that lye along the river. Oh my gosh if you intend to party in Argentina prepare yourself for the long hours ahead. People don´t head out till 1am or 2am and party till 6am...I was a little nervous I would start falling asleep at the bars which happens in the states where the bars close at 2am. We went to meet up with a group at a hostel, a good bye party for a Kiwi, where I met people from everywhere France, States, Argentina, Bolivia...Lis and I got there at 12 and made it till 6...go me, haha. I headed the next day to Iguazu...I was gettin a little tired of sight seeing buildings and wanted some nature.
Iguazu is a 19 hour bus ride from Rosario. I went the next day to the falls. There are two views to see the falls Argentinian or Brasilian side. The Brasilian side is supposed to have more of a panoramic view but I really thought the Argentinian side was legit. I spent the whole day admiring the intensity and mass quanitity of the waterfalls. Amazing, I don´t think my fotos or videos will do justice. I am off to Salta tom, in the northwest of Argentina..another long journey 23 hours more or less..till then

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