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the end...for now

I stayed with Eduardo for a week and a half in Cusco. We kept trying to go to Puno and then put it off and in the end we went to Arequipa. Before that we bought two dogs on Saturday that were about 2 dollars a piece. paka.jpguku.jpgWe thought they were both males but turns out one is female. We named them Quechua names Ukucha (bear) and Inti pakarec (sunrise). I feel in love with them, they are going to stay with Edu for now...hopefully Ill get my turn to take care of them. They are only a month old. I enjoyed meeting Edu friends and family(he has 6 brothers and sisters..from 5years old to early 30s). His mom works in a restaurant and we went there a few times for chicha, which is fermented corn spit(I find this out later). We go to Arequipa together with the dogs, which is about 10 hours in bus. That was a fun experience trying to figure out how to let the dogs take a shit without disturbing anyone...which didnt happen. We would let them roam the bus they would do their business and then everyone would smell and react...haha feel bad Edu has to do it alone going back. We weren't long in Arequipa, which is Peru's 2nd largest city, but we were able to enjoy some of the sights and make our way to the cruz del condor, in colca canyon. This canyon is the deepest in the world and supposed to be 2ce of that of the grand canyon. It's fun having pups cause everyone adores them and wants to hold them but then there are kids who want to do the same and then I fear for the pups lives. Kids can be very well careless. los_dos.jpgpoor_pups.jpgThe last night Edu and I splurged...I ate 2 crepes split a salad and had a hald litter of sangria for 15 bucks(for my share...Edu payed the same for the same amount). I left the next morning for Arica, Chile, which is 7 hours by bus. The border crossing was fairly easy, I took a collectivo taxi from Tacna(the border in Peru) to Arica which cost me 20 soles(about 7 bucks). When I got there I was delighted to see the beach, altough it was a desert beach it was still a beach. I hung out there and then headed to explore the main plaza which to my benefit they were having a festival for the sun?...not to sure but it was fun to watch the dancing and costumes. arica.jpg Hey Barney even made a guest appearance!! barney.jpg There was an historical church Iglesia San Marcos created by the Parisian engineer Alexandre Gustave Eiffel (before he created the Eiffel tower)san_marcos.jpgI left at 11 that night to head to La Serena, 20 hours by bus. I arrived around 12am and stayed in a really nice hostal El Punto. I was offered a ride from the bus by a fellow passanger and turned it down politely after reading in my travel guide to be aware of taxi drivers cause there have been a few assaults. But he told me where my hostel was and we ended up walking out of the terminal together and he said there's my kids and asked if I was sure. I saw that the guy was harmless (mainly cause he had to younguns and finally gave in) they all had my luggage on top of them cause it was a small car. It was a 2 minute drive and I was greatfull cause it was late and I didn't want to walk with all my crap. Why is it that Americans never do that...we never take the time to help others out like I have noticed others foreigners do when we in there country. I am making notes of ways to better myself as an American. I went to get the sun the next morning...umm apparently there is a hole in the ozone and it really affects Chile aka I got fried in 2 hours. I don't think I have ever been that sunburned. It has been three days since I have been there and I am still hurting. I left for Santiago later that night arriving there 6 hours later. I stayed at a hostel called Casa Roja, that has a pool, hot tub, free internet, and is in a old colonial house. I walked around a lot of Santiago and was bumed I wasn't going to be able to see anything else cause my flight leaves in 5 hours back to the States. I did ask when I was in a farmacia where I should go for good coffee, and she sayed haiti...thus I went there not realizing that this was a cafe with legs. Img00101.jpgI read about it and didnt realize it till I walked up to the counter...no wonder all the clientel was male, I was the only female. But this cafe wasnt that showy I guess there are others that are more recealing, the baristas had a dress that was conservative but just showed their legs...still I felt weird being in there. Chileans are really hard to understand by the way, they speak really broken Spanish, I wasn't sure if they had a different dialect nope its just ghetto Spanish. They also like hot dogs I have noticed a lot. I went walking around this morning and saw people eating typical lunch items aka sandwiches, hot dogs, etc. for breakfast. I wanted to vomit. Chile's cool I really wanted to see the Observatory in La Serena but was unaware that you had to book way in advance. I head back to the states for now, for more money and mainly cause I have my best friend getting married and wouldnt miss that for anything. My travels will continue April 28th to Argentina where I will try to work instead of always on the go. Very excited for Argentina...yerba mate, good wine, and freaking gorgeous guys...what more can a girl ask for. Oh except its going to be cold when I go and resenting making that decision but such is life.

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