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On my own again

So I had really prepared my self for a Christmas on my own but then came a few problems on the 23rd. One existing problem is that I had no credit card. Bank of America had canceled my debit card due to protection cause they said my information leaked through a breakdown in a computer system so they automatically canceld my card and informed me via mail..in the states. So I had no clue until two weeks before my semster ended in Costa Rica I tried to take money out and sure enough I couldnt. I tried to resolve the issue by having them send one to my school address in Costa and it got returned and again they had failed to notify me via email even though they know I am abroad. Lesson learned BoA sucks. So I was solely relying on friends to help me out via pay pal and transefering. Luckily Steph had BoA to so it worked out. But then Steph had to go back to the States Dec. 23rd (she found out the 22nd) because of a sick family member. Well I got a little weary of travelling without a way to take out money so I booked a ticket to surprise my family for Christmas and then continue on to Panama sola. The ticket was cheap considering the time period i flew 300 for a roundtrip flying on the 24th.
Home was good. My parents moved yet again, or are in the process of moving so it was nice to see the new place in St. Augustine. My niece is growing so freaking fast to just three months ago she was crawling and now shes walking everywhere. I flew into Orlando where my sister is at and then went to St. Augustine the next day to surprise the parents. My brother, Isaac, and Joy flew in that day as well so my parents where getting them from the airport. My sister, Marisa, brother in law, Ryan, and I arrived literally five minutes beofre my parents pulled into the drive way so I hid in the closet door of the kitchen. I was a little hesitant to scare my parents cause I dont want to give them a heart attack but one last time couldnt hurt. I was scarred though cause I heard my dad intching closer to the kitchen closet door, and didnt want him to be the one to open it. He tends to overreact when he is scarred and last time I almost got sacked..haha. But he opened it and just remained speechless and finally once the shocked wore off he put me back in there so we could scare my mom cause she had yet to see. So he asked her to help him find something and then she opened it and was eccstatic. And it was good to be home among all the family even my sister-in-law sister,Jaime, was there from Thailand. 16976_6058..71968_n.jpgHome was a good time and I was able to pick up a new bank card and credit card just in case and drop of some luggage, then I was off again to Panama.
I arrived in Panama late at night 3am and decided no need to waste money on a place so I slept in the airport. Then on the 31st I ventured to Luna Castle which is located in Casco Viejo. I took a taxi ride where the taxi cab driver were having friendly convo and we had other argentinian family in the car and dropped them off at the airport. I thought he was cute and him I but find out hes 40 and living with his dad cause hes going through a seperation with his wife and has two kids. I initally asked if any of the kids were my age...couldnt hurt to see. But they were younger. At the end he gave me his card and said he would like to take me to the beach, I took it and was hoping to get a discount on the whole ride but fuck he charged my a dollar more than what it should be ...haha. I ended up never calling him fear he might charge me to have him take me to the beach if we went. So I arrived a Luna Castle which is a sweet hostel. It has free bananas and pancake breakfast and internet and movie rooma and bar. I was nervous cause I was on the waiting list being that it was New Years Eve so I hung around in hopes they would have space for me even though they made it seem very unlikely. In the mean time I met Ben. He and his brother are from Texas and are in their 40s. They have a RV and are going from Mexico to South America(which I am unsure how they are doing the whole Colombia thing cause it isnt really a border crossing more a jungle crossing). Ben had a place in Croatia that is being built. They are going around now with other tag alongs and getting free place to hang and shower in return they make a video of the hotel/hostel. They are some crazy kids. Ben took me around during the day showing me all the sites in Casco Viejo. Casco_Viejo.jpg It was typical to find all the women walking around wtih curlers.16976_6058..46005_n.jpgWhen we returned I found out they had space for me wooohoo..pays to wait. That night I partied with them and some others from the hostel in the ghetto. They are friends with the locals. This 2 year old girl was shaking her booty better than I can it was so funny. I then went to hang at the hippie house where I met two people earlier in the grociery store. They have 16plus people living in this apartment and pay four bucks a night. They are all travlling artists. That is where I got my New Years kiss from Frenchie who goes by Cat. Long behold I pass out in one of the 16 beds for a brief moment but before midnight so I feel pretty lame. I woke up at 1230 and partyied again. When I got back to the hostel there was a New Zealander Moses who was making weird noises in my hostel room. I was like uh this sucks but thats a hostel for you people are bound to hook up. But I ended up being wrong. After everyone in the room told him to shutup he kept saying oh Im sorry Im sorry, the police the police hurt me. I didnt know weather to believe him or not but I knew I wanted him to piss off so I can get some zzzs. Turns out he isnt really right in the head. And more likely than not he started something with the police and really wasnt hurt. All the other roomies were happy we lucked out to have him in our room haha. The next day I went to the beach with Ben and Joe, two local boys, two boys from Czech, Spaniard, and Colombian. I like how Ben and JOe just stopped and picked up anyone who wanted to go. The Spanish boy, Jorge, is from southern Spain and found out the night before he is going to South Africa too!(thats my game plan). He is touring all of the south of Africa with a friend via car, Im thinking about asking going along. His gran plan is to sell chocolate bananas during the world cup which i think is brilliant. We took forever to get to the beach, but it was pretty, small and just full of locals. The next day we went to the Miraflores lock to see the Panama Canal, which was pretty impressive to watch. 16976_6058..64815_n.jpgThe next day I am off to Ecuador to do volunteer work with animals, cant wait.

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