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South America part 2

Argentina..Buenos Aires, Rosario, y Iguazu. Y Uruguay


Ahh Argentina, I have been antipiating going here for awhile for the things that people say that its is similar to Europe, they drink yerba mate, and the steak:)not really. I arrived April 29th and spent a week in Buenos Aires with a 2 day journey to Uruguay by ferry. Note to Americans, Australians, and Canadians if you are going to travel to Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil you will have to pay recipricocity fees which are basically we make it hard for them to come to the states thus they give us a hard time as well, as well some require a visa a head of time, ie Brazil and Paraguay...and you are looking at about $131 for fees. Buenos Aires is very much like Europe, the buildings the look of the people. There is a lots of artists here and if you go you need to go to the San Telmo market on Sunday the whole street is convered with artesanos and street performers and that is the chance to catch a glimpse of a free tango. I stayed for all my hostel stays in Che Legartos which has cost me $5 a night with breakfast inc. pretty sweet deal! I stayed in the barrio San Telmo and felt a did a very thorough job of visiting many barrios in BA: Palermo, Recolta(the cemetary is crazy and is where you can find Evita´s tomb, which I didn´t know till after thus I missed it), La Boca ( the famous barrio with the colorful buildings, careful here said to be gangerous apart from the touristy section), and Puerto Madero. Of course I jumped on the drinking yerba mate band wagon. If you don´t know much about the tea look it up its really good for you gives you energy, vitamin essentials, and represses appetite(perfect for a poor traveller!) My dad got me hooked on it so if you don´t like bitter tea people drink it with sugar and milk as well. The yerba mate is much more popular among uruguayians...almost everybosy is carryig their gourd with the thermous to add more water. Although I didn´t talk tango lessons which was my originally plan I watched and it doesn´t seem that hard to pick up on...its a walking dance. The Argentinian spanish is different but I am starting to pick it up and like it. Basically for the ll and y the pronounce it as sh...like shaves fof keys, and they also use the vos form instead of tu or usted which I am getting hounded for using instead I guess it´s to formal. They also are Spanish speakers with an Italian accent which for me is the best of both worlds. Uruguay I only saw Montevideo, it takes an hour or two to get to Colonia from BA and from there a 3 hour bus ride. Montevideo was pretty as well, very quiet and low key. They had a lot of parks which I enjoyed wandering around in.
I went off to Rosario where I stayed with two couchsurfers, Lis and Lucy. Contrary to what it sounds they were two 20 year old males. Very friendly, smart, and fun. I arrived with the intentions of only staying one night but they were like Elena come on it Saturday tomorrow you have to come party. Thus I stayed one other night. Rosario was where Che Guevara was born a lived for a whole two years, haha. That was actually why I wanted to go not knowing he didnt spend much of his days there. Rosario I liked because it is a smaller city the BA and has beautiful beaches and parks that lye along the river. Oh my gosh if you intend to party in Argentina prepare yourself for the long hours ahead. People don´t head out till 1am or 2am and party till 6am...I was a little nervous I would start falling asleep at the bars which happens in the states where the bars close at 2am. We went to meet up with a group at a hostel, a good bye party for a Kiwi, where I met people from everywhere France, States, Argentina, Bolivia...Lis and I got there at 12 and made it till 6...go me, haha. I headed the next day to Iguazu...I was gettin a little tired of sight seeing buildings and wanted some nature.
Iguazu is a 19 hour bus ride from Rosario. I went the next day to the falls. There are two views to see the falls Argentinian or Brasilian side. The Brasilian side is supposed to have more of a panoramic view but I really thought the Argentinian side was legit. I spent the whole day admiring the intensity and mass quanitity of the waterfalls. Amazing, I don´t think my fotos or videos will do justice. I am off to Salta tom, in the northwest of Argentina..another long journey 23 hours more or less..till then

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Peru and Chile

the end...for now

I stayed with Eduardo for a week and a half in Cusco. We kept trying to go to Puno and then put it off and in the end we went to Arequipa. Before that we bought two dogs on Saturday that were about 2 dollars a piece. paka.jpguku.jpgWe thought they were both males but turns out one is female. We named them Quechua names Ukucha (bear) and Inti pakarec (sunrise). I feel in love with them, they are going to stay with Edu for now...hopefully Ill get my turn to take care of them. They are only a month old. I enjoyed meeting Edu friends and family(he has 6 brothers and sisters..from 5years old to early 30s). His mom works in a restaurant and we went there a few times for chicha, which is fermented corn spit(I find this out later). We go to Arequipa together with the dogs, which is about 10 hours in bus. That was a fun experience trying to figure out how to let the dogs take a shit without disturbing anyone...which didnt happen. We would let them roam the bus they would do their business and then everyone would smell and react...haha feel bad Edu has to do it alone going back. We weren't long in Arequipa, which is Peru's 2nd largest city, but we were able to enjoy some of the sights and make our way to the cruz del condor, in colca canyon. This canyon is the deepest in the world and supposed to be 2ce of that of the grand canyon. It's fun having pups cause everyone adores them and wants to hold them but then there are kids who want to do the same and then I fear for the pups lives. Kids can be very well careless. los_dos.jpgpoor_pups.jpgThe last night Edu and I splurged...I ate 2 crepes split a salad and had a hald litter of sangria for 15 bucks(for my share...Edu payed the same for the same amount). I left the next morning for Arica, Chile, which is 7 hours by bus. The border crossing was fairly easy, I took a collectivo taxi from Tacna(the border in Peru) to Arica which cost me 20 soles(about 7 bucks). When I got there I was delighted to see the beach, altough it was a desert beach it was still a beach. I hung out there and then headed to explore the main plaza which to my benefit they were having a festival for the sun?...not to sure but it was fun to watch the dancing and costumes. arica.jpg Hey Barney even made a guest appearance!! barney.jpg There was an historical church Iglesia San Marcos created by the Parisian engineer Alexandre Gustave Eiffel (before he created the Eiffel tower)san_marcos.jpgI left at 11 that night to head to La Serena, 20 hours by bus. I arrived around 12am and stayed in a really nice hostal El Punto. I was offered a ride from the bus by a fellow passanger and turned it down politely after reading in my travel guide to be aware of taxi drivers cause there have been a few assaults. But he told me where my hostel was and we ended up walking out of the terminal together and he said there's my kids and asked if I was sure. I saw that the guy was harmless (mainly cause he had to younguns and finally gave in) they all had my luggage on top of them cause it was a small car. It was a 2 minute drive and I was greatfull cause it was late and I didn't want to walk with all my crap. Why is it that Americans never do that...we never take the time to help others out like I have noticed others foreigners do when we in there country. I am making notes of ways to better myself as an American. I went to get the sun the next morning...umm apparently there is a hole in the ozone and it really affects Chile aka I got fried in 2 hours. I don't think I have ever been that sunburned. It has been three days since I have been there and I am still hurting. I left for Santiago later that night arriving there 6 hours later. I stayed at a hostel called Casa Roja, that has a pool, hot tub, free internet, and is in a old colonial house. I walked around a lot of Santiago and was bumed I wasn't going to be able to see anything else cause my flight leaves in 5 hours back to the States. I did ask when I was in a farmacia where I should go for good coffee, and she sayed haiti...thus I went there not realizing that this was a cafe with legs. Img00101.jpgI read about it and didnt realize it till I walked up to the counter...no wonder all the clientel was male, I was the only female. But this cafe wasnt that showy I guess there are others that are more recealing, the baristas had a dress that was conservative but just showed their legs...still I felt weird being in there. Chileans are really hard to understand by the way, they speak really broken Spanish, I wasn't sure if they had a different dialect nope its just ghetto Spanish. They also like hot dogs I have noticed a lot. I went walking around this morning and saw people eating typical lunch items aka sandwiches, hot dogs, etc. for breakfast. I wanted to vomit. Chile's cool I really wanted to see the Observatory in La Serena but was unaware that you had to book way in advance. I head back to the states for now, for more money and mainly cause I have my best friend getting married and wouldnt miss that for anything. My travels will continue April 28th to Argentina where I will try to work instead of always on the go. Very excited for Argentina...yerba mate, good wine, and freaking gorgeous guys...what more can a girl ask for. Oh except its going to be cold when I go and resenting making that decision but such is life.

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Volunteering with animales

So I took Avianca airlines from Panama to Ecuador with a layover in Bogota, Colombia...holy shit I have never been so scarred before in my life. They were both about hour flights but had turbulence 75%of the time. When I got to Ecuador I slept in the airport cause it was 1 am and had to take the bus to Mera (about 5 hours from Quito) at 7am..so no point in paying for a hostal. Quito was cold ...i took a taxi which was a 40minute ride and cost me 8 dollars...holy cheapness. I still tried to bargain it down though, no luck. I arrived in Mera around 1pm to meet Frank one of the owners who is Dutch of the animal rehabilitation center. We took a taxi to the end of the road where then we have to walk 20 minutes inorder to get to the location...with all my shit in a rocky muddy trail, luckily he provides everyone with rainboots. When I arrived everyone was so friendly, there was Babs, a girl from Holland who came there to volunteer on her vacation from work, as well as Ester, from Salamanca, who was doing the same. Crazy peeps they came to pay to work on their break, haha. Then there was few peeps from England, Hoyung, Ross, Roe, Louisa(the on site vet) and an irish mate, Damion. Few of them had been there before and have come back. The place has been open for 5 years and they are just staring to recieve animals. The have blue heads, macaws, capachins(my favorite monkey) a wolly monkey who was 3months, tamarinds, and kinkajous. The ministry gives them animals when they find that people have had them illegally as pets. They were several duties...mainly feeding and cleaning the animals cages and chores. People who were there longer got to play with Samsung the Wooly monkey cause it needed a mother type figure. There was a Dutch family there as well for part of the time while I was there. They had two kids and are headed to Peru to try to open up there own place. I payed 65 a week to volunteer(including the dorm) and 20 a week for food. The place was beautiful and had a great time learning and interacting(as much as I could with the animals). There are two people that go shopping twice a week for the grocieries for the volunteers and the animals. The last day I went with Ester...We have to go to Puno a town 30 minutes away to get all the stuff and we go to 5 different stores/markets. We have most of the markets box the stuff up for us and then we take a taxi at the end and have him pick everything up. Well later that day Ester and I were going to Banos for a night, which is a touristy town that has hot springs. So we were excited about that and trying to hurry up. At one of the markets Ester bought fruit and left it there to get picked up with the taxi. When we arrived back to Merazonia(the name of the place) I asked Ester if she got her fruit and then it both hit us...we had forgot half the food back in town...of fuck. It cost 11 dollars for the taxi ride pack. We just kept laughing and laughing and the taxi cab driver was nice enough to take us back to get the stuff for the price of one way. Luckily it was my last day so I didnt have to return to the place feeling like an idiot..Ester did she had 5 days left. Well we finally made it to Banos around 5ish and walked around and then went to the Aguas Termales, naturally hot srpings. Felt sooo good. Banos was destroyed by a volcanoe not to long ago and is now a gringo town..it was a very nice town though and I opted to stay there one more extra night instead of exploring Quito. I payed 6bucks for my own room with a hot shower, with a communal kitcheen, what a freaking deal. Well after that I slept in Quito airport again cause my flight was at 6am.
I flew to Bogota, got there at 730am, and had four hours to kill thus I decided to explore the historic part of La Candelaria. I was hesitant at first about Colombia but after people have said that it isnt that dangerous as it once was I decided Id be ok. I took the bus where this older lady was making sure that I got off at the right place...she was asking everyone else in the bus if they were getting off around the same area and told the bus driver to stop when it was time. It was the sweetest thing. I got there and had 2 and a half hours so I went to a museum then just walked around and ate this soup that had eggs, cream, milk, and cheese, and bread. It was good except for the soogy bread, not really into that. I got back just in time to catch my flight to Lima where I would be staying with a couchsurfer girl with plans to head to Cusco the next day. Little did I know Cusco and Lima were far by bus(about 20 hours) thus I had to get a flight last minute, neacuase my tour for the Maccu Piccu was the 20th. And there was a strike with the buses that was going on till the 21st. So I had very little time in Lima. Shirlley and her brother picked me up from the airport and went to her place. They helped me out trying to get to Miraflores a toursity area. I opted not to go to central Lima where they had all the colonial buildings after Shirley was like be careful its dangerous, and asked if I had everything with me aka my passport, etc. And I did thus I just roamed around in Miraflores which is on the water and the headed back by midnight.
My flight was at 10 the next morning to Cusco. Her brother was taking me and I was getting nervous cause he took forever to wake up. I arrived at the ariport an hour before and there was a bit of a line. I asked the lady who worked for Lan airlines if I was fine and she was like yea no worries no problem...fifteen minutes later still in line I noticed there was a line for Cusco then I asked her again and she was like yea go over there. And when I got there the flight was supposedly closed, so they made me and a few other late arrivers wait in another line and then finally checked us in 30 minutes to spare...I swore they were going to have to book us another flight for the next day since they only do two to Cusco. I was seat 2A which I though either this is first class, which Im pretty sure I didnt pay for, or they are all coach class. It was first class! But I was bumbed cause the flight is only like 40 minutes...But to my luck we were unable to land in Cusco cause of the weather so we had to go the closest airport...guess which one that was, Lima. haha so we went back there, waited 20 minutes then took off again for Cusco. I landed around 3pm then took a taxi for 6 soles(1 dollar=2.80soles) which was about 30 minutes to Grifo where I was to meet the other couch surfer, Ronnie, who is from there and has helped me with my booking in the Jungle Trip to Maccu Picchu. Unforturnetly bacuase of the strike he had two girls from Brazil still at his pad so he was unable to host me so he asked if it would be ok if I stayed at a hostel and I sayed of course and then he brought me there and described everything about the Jungle Trip, and he would be by at 6am to pick me up and store my big bag at his house. So I walked around that night and sayed fuck it to my trying to budget cause I love all the things they make here in Cusco and they are all relatively cheap! The trip include the following:


We start our adventure in Cuzco at 06:30am prox, where we take a private bus to Abra del Malaga (4350 m.o.l.s), this is 150 km from Cuzco city, there we start our biking going down around 04 HOURS until reach to "Santa Maria" which is 230 km from Cuzco.

This day, it’s a good start because boarding of our mountain bikes with front suspension, we going down enjoying with the "Puna ecologico floor" directly to "La Selva Alta", it means from 4300 to 1430 m.o.l.s, where the weather is warm since his beginning until the ending.

In the way we will see huge snowed such as: "Veronica", then "Cataracts", finally we get in the jungle which is full of wild animals and fruit trees of the zone.

In the same day in the afternoon our group will practice the famous river rafting level III and IV during 2 hours aprox, and in the end go back to santa maria village, where we pass our first nigths.


This day is really amazing, we start our trekking (8 hours approximately) between reductions and ascents, but the most interesting in this trekking, is that we won’t just through part of the perfect inca path way if not an real adventure among the jungle where we will be surrounded by the green nature full of fruit trees, mighty rivers and exotic animals of the zone, it will make us feel full of excitement. Between the animals we will find parrots, monkeys in their many diversities, moreover a number of flora varieties of the sector. At the same time in the way we can enjoy with a relaxing shower in the hot springs of Cocal mayu , after that and very near we will reach to "Santa Teresa"(1900 m.o.l.s), our second nigth in a basic hostal or lodge.


Nature, adventure the third day of trekking to Machu Picchu. the comfort of this trekking is in the pleasant climate among 25 • 30.

Very easy day: 05 hours walking to aguas calientes town where we will pass our last night to visit the machupicchu citydal.


Very early, we start the trekking to "Ciudadela de Machu Picchu", there we will see the "Bosque de Nubes" and others natural wonders of the dawn.

Then, we will have all the day to visit all the Machu Picchu ruins moreover a special guide bilingue will make your last day an unforgettable experience.

You will visit the most imprtant places with the tour guide 03 hours aprox, and them free time to explore machupicchu by yourself and go to: INTI PUNKU, PUENTE INKA or the most popular one: HUAYNA PICCHU!!!.

In the afternoon go down again to aguas calientes tonw where you will take a train to Ollantaytam,bo and then inmediately a bus conexion to cusco, arriving here at :_21:40aprox.


* Private transport cusco-Abra malaga and to Santa maria.
* Professional guide bilingue.
* Mountain bike + equipments.
* River rafting + equipments.
* Food: 03b/03l/03d.
* 03 nigths of hostal durinf the trekking.
* Entrancee fee to machupicchu.
* Train ticket Aguas calientes-Ollantaytambo.
* Bus Ollantaytambo-cusco.

Well it didnt exactly go down as planned. For one I was unable to do the rafting the first day because of the rain. The biking I only did half because it was cold and rainy and we were only going downhill so I didnt see the point so I rode in the bus which was following behing. We stopped in Santa Maria and I walked around while the boys played soccer. My guide was Edwin, there were 5 other boys from Argentina, 3 of them were brothers. I also meet Eduardo, my Cusco lover, an other guide who was taking his brother, Michael, and friend Oscar, to do the same trek. The second day we did the walk which included part of the inka trail, that took a good 7 or 8 hours. We went to a hotspring that night too, then went to Santa Teresa, where we went dancing and then I decided to sleep in and skip the rescheduled trip for rafting the next day. Me and one other guy who booked it were going to go at 8 am and then come back to meet up with the others, truth be told I was a little scarred. I have done white waterrafting 2ce before and never was scarred but this water look furocious and like I might not make it without getting injured. I felt bad though because they wouldnt take the other rafter cause I guess they needed more than one person, he didnt seem to mad though. We then started walking again untill we got to Aguas Calientes, where we went to another hot spring and relaxed, Maccu Picchu was going to begin at 4am the next morning. We have to get there early cause they only allow 400 people to climb Winupicchu, 200 at 7am and 200 at 10am. That has the view of all Maccu Picchu. I went with the others and some how our guide dissapeared and it was just me and the boys and I was the only one with a head lamp so they were all relying on me. We walked 1 1/2 hours of over more than 2000 steps. I was cursing at the end...never again. There is a bus that takes you there but of course I want to do the cheaper more adventourous option...f that next time Im taking the bus. (I ended up taking it on the way back) It was cold and rainy until 10 that morning which was perfect cause thats when we climbed Winupichu so we could get a view of all of Maccu Picchu. My boy was our guide and I got as much of it as I could cause he was talking in Spanish. But it was an amazing expericnce. Later that day we got back to Aguas Calientes at 3pm and decided to go to the hot spring one last time only to be kicked out half an hour later because of the rain. So I went to go get ready for my train that was supposed to leave at 6pm and went there and was told it was postponed, they would know more at 7pm. So we went back at 7 and where told they were canceled cause of the mud slide and find out the next day the only way out is by helicopter. I waited to find out more news. There were 2000 tourists waiting to get out and a helicopter holds 35 people, and only the kids and elders were first. None came that day so we waited and decided to walk along the train tracks to get out on Tuesday. I went with Eduardo a guide, Michael and Oscar. Along the way my backpack opened and I didn't realize it and my camera fell out!!! What a bummer...all my pics of Maccu Picchu, luckily I can steal pics but still a trip I will probably never do again and there are no proof of it happening, haha. The walk was tough. We started at 5am and got to Cusco at 4pm. We walked 8 hours and took three different bused. Walking along a train track is not fun, let me tell you. I was raining and cold untill about 10ish and then it was nice. But we finally made it...I guess two other people died doing the same walk. I was one of the few doing the walk everyone was from Peru. It was crazy seeing the houses flooded and the train track broken. What an experience. I should have waited for the free helicopter ride, I might still have a camera if I did but oh well such is life. Don't know the plan yet but thinking of going to Puno for festivals near lake Titicaca. I don't have time to do the volunteer project I originally planned on here cause it is a week min. and I have less than that now.

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On my own again

So I had really prepared my self for a Christmas on my own but then came a few problems on the 23rd. One existing problem is that I had no credit card. Bank of America had canceled my debit card due to protection cause they said my information leaked through a breakdown in a computer system so they automatically canceld my card and informed me via mail..in the states. So I had no clue until two weeks before my semster ended in Costa Rica I tried to take money out and sure enough I couldnt. I tried to resolve the issue by having them send one to my school address in Costa and it got returned and again they had failed to notify me via email even though they know I am abroad. Lesson learned BoA sucks. So I was solely relying on friends to help me out via pay pal and transefering. Luckily Steph had BoA to so it worked out. But then Steph had to go back to the States Dec. 23rd (she found out the 22nd) because of a sick family member. Well I got a little weary of travelling without a way to take out money so I booked a ticket to surprise my family for Christmas and then continue on to Panama sola. The ticket was cheap considering the time period i flew 300 for a roundtrip flying on the 24th.
Home was good. My parents moved yet again, or are in the process of moving so it was nice to see the new place in St. Augustine. My niece is growing so freaking fast to just three months ago she was crawling and now shes walking everywhere. I flew into Orlando where my sister is at and then went to St. Augustine the next day to surprise the parents. My brother, Isaac, and Joy flew in that day as well so my parents where getting them from the airport. My sister, Marisa, brother in law, Ryan, and I arrived literally five minutes beofre my parents pulled into the drive way so I hid in the closet door of the kitchen. I was a little hesitant to scare my parents cause I dont want to give them a heart attack but one last time couldnt hurt. I was scarred though cause I heard my dad intching closer to the kitchen closet door, and didnt want him to be the one to open it. He tends to overreact when he is scarred and last time I almost got sacked..haha. But he opened it and just remained speechless and finally once the shocked wore off he put me back in there so we could scare my mom cause she had yet to see. So he asked her to help him find something and then she opened it and was eccstatic. And it was good to be home among all the family even my sister-in-law sister,Jaime, was there from Thailand. 16976_6058..71968_n.jpgHome was a good time and I was able to pick up a new bank card and credit card just in case and drop of some luggage, then I was off again to Panama.
I arrived in Panama late at night 3am and decided no need to waste money on a place so I slept in the airport. Then on the 31st I ventured to Luna Castle which is located in Casco Viejo. I took a taxi ride where the taxi cab driver were having friendly convo and we had other argentinian family in the car and dropped them off at the airport. I thought he was cute and him I but find out hes 40 and living with his dad cause hes going through a seperation with his wife and has two kids. I initally asked if any of the kids were my age...couldnt hurt to see. But they were younger. At the end he gave me his card and said he would like to take me to the beach, I took it and was hoping to get a discount on the whole ride but fuck he charged my a dollar more than what it should be ...haha. I ended up never calling him fear he might charge me to have him take me to the beach if we went. So I arrived a Luna Castle which is a sweet hostel. It has free bananas and pancake breakfast and internet and movie rooma and bar. I was nervous cause I was on the waiting list being that it was New Years Eve so I hung around in hopes they would have space for me even though they made it seem very unlikely. In the mean time I met Ben. He and his brother are from Texas and are in their 40s. They have a RV and are going from Mexico to South America(which I am unsure how they are doing the whole Colombia thing cause it isnt really a border crossing more a jungle crossing). Ben had a place in Croatia that is being built. They are going around now with other tag alongs and getting free place to hang and shower in return they make a video of the hotel/hostel. They are some crazy kids. Ben took me around during the day showing me all the sites in Casco Viejo. Casco_Viejo.jpg It was typical to find all the women walking around wtih curlers.16976_6058..46005_n.jpgWhen we returned I found out they had space for me wooohoo..pays to wait. That night I partied with them and some others from the hostel in the ghetto. They are friends with the locals. This 2 year old girl was shaking her booty better than I can it was so funny. I then went to hang at the hippie house where I met two people earlier in the grociery store. They have 16plus people living in this apartment and pay four bucks a night. They are all travlling artists. That is where I got my New Years kiss from Frenchie who goes by Cat. Long behold I pass out in one of the 16 beds for a brief moment but before midnight so I feel pretty lame. I woke up at 1230 and partyied again. When I got back to the hostel there was a New Zealander Moses who was making weird noises in my hostel room. I was like uh this sucks but thats a hostel for you people are bound to hook up. But I ended up being wrong. After everyone in the room told him to shutup he kept saying oh Im sorry Im sorry, the police the police hurt me. I didnt know weather to believe him or not but I knew I wanted him to piss off so I can get some zzzs. Turns out he isnt really right in the head. And more likely than not he started something with the police and really wasnt hurt. All the other roomies were happy we lucked out to have him in our room haha. The next day I went to the beach with Ben and Joe, two local boys, two boys from Czech, Spaniard, and Colombian. I like how Ben and JOe just stopped and picked up anyone who wanted to go. The Spanish boy, Jorge, is from southern Spain and found out the night before he is going to South Africa too!(thats my game plan). He is touring all of the south of Africa with a friend via car, Im thinking about asking going along. His gran plan is to sell chocolate bananas during the world cup which i think is brilliant. We took forever to get to the beach, but it was pretty, small and just full of locals. The next day we went to the Miraflores lock to see the Panama Canal, which was pretty impressive to watch. 16976_6058..64815_n.jpgThe next day I am off to Ecuador to do volunteer work with animals, cant wait.

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Here I go again...

So my friend from Cali, Stephanie, meet me Thursday evening and we returned back to Atenas, the town I have been studying. Its cool cause she really has no plan just wants to travel like me so she is down for doing all the things I have been wanting to do on my trek down to Chile. We spent a few nights in Atenas with a Tico friend and I took her to my fav. waterfall, Las Minas, on Rio La Union. Its beautiful there awww jumping off rocks my fav pastime. We headed to Tamarindo after which is the 2nd time I have been there. The first was for spring break with Polly and Morgan which was mellow and not too crazy although I could tell it was getting built up. This time I went I felt like I was in Hungtington Beach. They have two chains from there that are in Tamarindo now, Sharkies and Tsunamis. The only good thing about touristy towns like that are that they offer ladies free drinks. We couchsurfed at some guys pad who had two roomates, they were all from New York, Shane, Henry, and Brendon. They were all very cool guys that were just taking the year off to chill out. We then were headed down to hike the highest peak in Costa Rica, supposedly 2nd highest in Central America, at 12,533 ft can reach 16 deg. far. We hiked 14km up to Crestones base camp which is 3333 meters and 8123ft up, and took me 6 hours. It was challenging esp. at 7km and the 13km. Right now Im at the base camp which has fast internet but no warm water...which is poopy. Tommorow morning we head at 3am to hike to the top and then return back to the hostel at the bottom of the mountain in San Gerardo de Rivas. I have never done something like this so its nice to challange myself. We are undecided what to do next, where to spend Christmas, but hopefully somewhere where Im surrounded by a bunch of peeps so I dont get sad missing the first chirstmas without my family, esp. now that we have a baby who believes in santa...cant wait to lie to her for 6 years of her life. (Im not bitter:)) Untill then...

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